Thomas G. Heintzman, O.C., Q.C., FCIArb

Ontario Court Declines To Enforce a Mareva Injunction In Aid Of An International Commercial Arbitral Award Due To Non-Disclosure

In Stans Energy Corp. v. Kyrgyz Republic, the Ontario Divisional Court recently refused to uphold a Mareva injunction issued to enforce an arbitral award made in Russia due to the applicant’s failure to fully disclose the proceedings to review that award in Russia. This decision is of interest on two accounts First, it is a […]

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When May A Mareva Injunction Be Issued To Enforce An International Commercial Arbitration Award?

In Sociedade-de-Fomento Industrial Private Ltd. v. Pakistan Steel Mills Corp. (Private) Ltd, the British Columbia Court of Appeal recently considered the use of a Mareva injunction to enforce an award of an international commercial arbitration. The court over-turned the lower court’s decision which had denied that remedy based upon alleged material non-disclosure. In doing so, […]

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